Sarah Jessica Parker, Elle January Cover USA

Actresses, singers (as Rihanna a few days ago) and celebrities already occupy almost all the covers of the fashion magazines. And is that, even if the models are divine and ethereal and posen as anyone, many readers les “ Strip ” more see a style icon is Sarah Jessica Parker a model more.

The American actress is home of Elle USA for the month of January, where it appears very thin and gorgeous with a dress bottle green colour with black belt. With their super hair ironing and a smile from ear to ear (which sure Photoshop that had something to do) Sarah speaks in Elle inside of their twins, who adores and as an actress in Hollywood last quarantine, almost nothing!

That gave life to the mythical character of Carrie Bradshaw wears their finery in the magazine always flaunting its elegant image and lady Elle uses to help its readers under the headline: “ Sarah Jessica Parker: as your personal style can run on ti & #8221;.

Do you think about Sarah as January’s Elle USA image?