Scarlett Johansson on The Cover of GQ

We are in the middle of the month and already start out all new headers from fashion magazines. But today that most caught my attention was the starring by Scarlett Johansson in the men’s magazine GQ. Comes out spectacular! The girl is pretty, but not is if the makeup or some retoquillo of the Photoshop (not going to lie that tool is always used but otherwise) your good looks has increased almost twice.

Scarlett leaves the most sensual, gorgeous! The cover is simple, do not have much but she alone fills the publication with his mere presence. The makeup is simple, enhancing your look (I didn’t know I had those big eyes). Seeing the picture I’m not surprised that Ryan Reynolds It has tumbled surrendered to his feet, who could! While the cover is not very typical for the season of Christmas (this month all publications are flooded the golden color giving the Christmas tree effect), men may complain.

We are thrilled to see models dressed in a simple way but resplandencen thanks to its natural beauty, and Scarlett shows that this needless to you and just you. Since the actress is the image of the Spanish firm Mango, his style and personality has improved considerably, and for what are we going to lie we love!