Schau11 – The Fashion Show Of The University Of The Arts

For us it was not Michael Sontag, who opened our fashion week, but rather several dozen students, who gave the go-ahead to the Berlin fashion week: designers of the basic and main course of study, as well as of Bachelor or diploma vintage of the university of der Künste Berlin, udk short, showed all their skills yesterday evening in their final show. The location of the wonderful fashion show was in a part of the former power plant “transformer“ and could not better be chosen can:

crazy high walls, raw, pleasant and slightly gloomy – perfect indirect lighting, a bar of hundreds red deposit boxes and an insanely long catwalk upstairs made the show great. Improvised, building site-type stairs, it went up and I saw it fall down in my mind’s eye and the crowd behind it, then just do it me. Everything went well but and so were able to start the evening. And he did: with the undergraduate.

Choose White:

„ Choose White “ and „ Near East “ were the two top issues and the program were: the first theme focused especially on the monochrome white looks, which should also define themselves through different materials we saw in the interpretation of the „ Middle East “ especially kimonos and lots nettle materials. The combination of Western and Eastern culture combined perfectly in the reinterpretation of the outfits and was particularly pretty above all by a wide variety of color explosions.

Near East:

In the main study, it was especially the subject „ classic „, that drew me in its spell. A variant of Beethoven’s 9 steps the models on the catwalk and showed traditional suits and posh pleated skirts in grey-blue combined with military applications with holes, or old pumps without sales. The students wanted to with the tension „ between seasonal innovation and simultaneously claim to trend-resistant continuity “ deal and that succeeded them perfectly for my taste.


A wonderfully successful and another topic of the students of the main study: „ Super! Vision “ or – the view into the distant future. And what will be there along with latest technologies in focus? Exactly, even more individuality and perhaps a hint of tradition. Et voilà, the visions of the future of students: neoprene joins in oversized straw hats, pieces of hair on the futuristic-looking neon details.

Super! Vision:

Other topics: Limited Edition, collector ’ s collection

The designer of the basic and main course were much experimental and maybe a bit unacceptable on the go, went quieter and commercial in the final year of Bachelor and diploma classes:

Especially exciting, I found the pieces by Rebecca collectors who immediately enchanted me with its narrow silhouettes. I found the combination with silicone leggings, which alternated in the light, quite pretty to look at. Only drawback: a penchant for fur seems the designer to have, I don’t like to share. A nice exchange of real material with one another would not disenchanted sure the collection.

Graduate Jorinde barge yesterday, however, the jury properly swept – she won a six-month coaching at Escada, but also another not only as only at an agency and could therefore put the first foot in the door as a successful fashion designer. Her collection: simple pieces, warm and earthy tones, transparent fabrics and minimalist designs:

More designer of the final classes: Vivienne Abdulrahim, Inga Schulte, Julie Eilenberger, Laura Wollentarski.

Merci for the evening. Who take a closer might look at all collections of the graduating class, should look here. And who now thinks of you „ I want to study also the “, should look at past here.