School Backpack Buying Guide

School knapsacks, here is some advice for boys and girls waiting to show off beautiful and comfortable rucksacks on their first day of school. It is time to backpacks for school! Missing just over a month and a half to the fateful bell sound that marks the beginning of the’ school year 2014-15 and mothers and children is struggling with the pens shop, pens, diaries, pencils, books, notebooks and many other countless school supplies, to welcome in a new year.

School Backpack Buying Guide

During the months preceding the start of a new school season, parents are also struggling with the purchases of backpacks. Colorful, imaginative, with prints of cartoon or TV characters, they accompany our little adventure in the new school. It is need to be chosen carefully: they must not only be beautiful, eye-catching and trendy, but possess those specific manufacturing and fabrication characteristics such as to avoid the risk of annoying back pain right from the very early age.

In addition to that, it is appropriate to enable the children to a correct way of carrying heavy student daypacks. Load the weight on one shoulder, do not remove it during very long journeys and overfill of books and notebooks not useful for that school day, they are behaviors to avoid. Accustom children to a reasonable and responsible use of the backpack is very important, more than you think. Children must learn to organize, to choose, to select, slowly, learning materials useful for that particular lesson, and above all, to bring the backpack as correctly as possible, perhaps taking advantage of bus routes or stops on the way home -School or school-house to remove it and take it as far as possible, a kind of folder.

The backpack, as also recommended by experts, must possess certain characteristics. First, it is good to be wary of ultra-modern models, but who sin in quality. School backpacks must have the padded back, they must be lightweight and ultra-compact and possess a sort of lap belt, to be connected to life, to allow perfect sustainability of the overall weight, so that it is distributed evenly along the spinal column.

Here Are Some Buying Tips

For more wee, here is a backpack wee Pig, the sympathetic protagonist of educational children’s stories, which so won the hearts of our wee. Their first day of school, with the cartoon so loved, will only make them happy! Colorful, ergonomic, with wide straps and padded back and with two separate fuck inside, to store books, pencil cases and notebooks in an orderly manner. And it’s pink and fuchsia, certainly much loved colors!

His hero and companion of games always with him, even at school, with this backpack with dell prints Spider-Man, much appreciated by the children. Back reinforced and padded, zippered and colored print representing the hero so dreamed by great and old!

And if you want to bet on a backpack light, spacious and comfortable, this model with print nice Violet, he will be ready to conquer at first sight of your child. But not only. Will draw your attention to the fact of being formed trolley and this will help your little one to carry, without difficulty, books and teaching materials.

The backpack, then, must be easy to handle, practical, comfortable, fun and ergonomic, thus, suitable for children!