Sex and the City: The Movie

It is no longer a rumor: our four favorite New Yorkers decided to play extra time. The shooting of the film adaptation of the series “Sex and The City” began this week. Released in May, 2008.

It is hoped that more… knowing that it will double or quits: Carry Bradshaw condensed into 90 minutes, this can be very good or fall a bit flat. Finally we were trusted the writers of the show to concoct a final opus worthy of the name, with what to happy end, existential torment, orgies shopping and Cosmopolitans.

Some rumors had run, assuming abandon Kim Cattrall alias Samantha Jones, but it is not so: the quartet is indeed together for better and for our pure enjoyment. The plot of this final episode, because it is indeed a last episode tells the story of four young women four years after where they were left.

The film will be released in May 2008, which is very fast … We must not forget that one of the nerves of the war in this series is none other than fashion, the shoes it, the stylish associations, accessories sharp, brief things that go out of fashion very quickly … so no question of release the film two years after the shooting.

Moreover, this album will allow us to reconnect with the myths that have rocked our dreams fashionistas: we will be able to forget that Sarah Jessica Parker – when not Carrie Bradshaw – has the annoying habit of dressing in jogging Manolo and let her in the closet, and when our fashion icon tackles styling that gives Bitten, an episode moddesque very cheap that they preferred zapper. We get to a moment erase from our minds the Patricia Fields which is at the origin of Carrie’s most desirable outfits is also the creator of a punk collection Ultra too much on Asos…

During a movie, because you feel like it and because it is made for that, we will therefore take dreaming about the existence of Carrie, to forget is the result of a television manipulation between SJP and Field, and we will continue to venerate because we like to believe that a woman like that could exist…