Shopaholismo, a Disease That Gets Worse If You’Re in Los Angeles

  • We went to take a look? I promise it is the last store.

My friend Andrea I was going to end up with my feet: an impromptu afternoon of shopping by Los Angeles You can kill anyone. And not only to the feet: your credit card It must be a safe place if what you want is not spending anything. And suddenly Wham! We enter a universe, a shopping paradise for all fashion victim where your current account has more echo than a cave. Although more than eden of shopping, sometimes it becomes a hell Since you want it all…

  • What jacket as mona!

They are things that happen, you see one garment that you like and to see the label let it with one blow as if it burns in your hands. The reason? Fendi. This should cost a pastón. You mind already you are telling that you leave there laying pipes. But look at the price and you think you’ve seen it wrong, a zero on the label is deleted or that someone It is doing you a joke bad taste, with camera hidden included, and pump is passing it at your expense.

Boots Chanel, boots Alexander Wang, peep toe Christian Louboutin

And gaze on all sides as if you have found the Holy Grail. No way… And in front of your nose is one of the Hawaiian shirts from Isabel Marant This last season Spring-summer 2013. Is price? $80 OK, we have a problem: I don’t know how I’m going to do but I want absolutely everything. Foot pain disappears, and decrease the desire to want to get home and stay three hours within this fantastic shop.

Some of the jewels of Isabel Marant

The found treasures? Military boots of Chanel, some peep-toes of Christian Louboutin or the mythical spoils of Alexander Wang (the latter so high that they only served to break your ankle).

Shopping madness invades the consumerist spirit

  • Wasteland. 7428 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood. This is the famous shop of which I speak unto you at the beginning of the post. There are several of this chain in the city of Los Angeles, Although the Melrose Avenue was that I was close. It’s a shop where the de angelinas sold her clothes for four hard and thus give the chance to others who do not have the good fortune to be able to buy everything you want from large firms regardless of price. The same day we discovered the store, Anne Hathaway moved there to do some shopping, disbelief! Although Vanessa Hudgens or the Willis sisters will also visit.

Herve Leger dresses; the jeans you want J.Brand, Current & Elliott or Paige; Marc Jacobs coats; Stella McCartney shirts or Helmut Lang… He thinks any brand and there will be present. Among all her jewels found a shopping bag new brand new in Proenza Schouler, the famous Coco Duffel’s Alexander Wang in plastic or the mythical Bayswater of Mulberry. The problem is that those like everyone, and although very out (but very) good price, just adding and everything you get for grassland.

Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang, Mulberry

  • Nordstrom Rack. 100 n La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills. If you have ever gone to United States you know well that Nordstrom is a beater mega Mall with signatures of all kinds. The latest models from Prada, Chloe or Valentino dan fit in it although his price is very high (of course). But, do you have wondered where they will all garments when they end up sales and are out of season? Nordstrom Rack, Here is the answer.

And if you go there you will see many crap but if you weapons of patience you find treasures like the PS11 clutch of Proenza Schouler or the famous Mac model of Rebecca Minkoff. Gucci sunglasses or Stella McCartney, Ugg shoes or a thousand models of Marc Jacobs I will be waiting for you.

Proenza Schouler clutch, Rebeca Minkoff Mac

  • T.J.Maxx. 1251 4th St., Santa Monica. There are thousand stores T.J.Maxx all USA. I thought that it was very cumbersome (showcases thus indicated it me) until one day I entered to make time. I mean hello? A kind of Project Runway where clothing brand new large firms have a discount of between 60% and 80%.

I will not cheat, bags of large firms continue being expensive (the signature bags Celine or YSL (there are present but are unattainable) Although there is always the exception. And mine was a small bag signed by Zac Posen of the Z line that marked $90. Among its jewels I found a white blazer full of precious stones of Emilio Pucci: I did attempt to prove it to myself but it weighed so much that I was unable to remove it from the rack.

Z by Zac Posen

The result?

And came the day package for return to Barcelona. With a suitcase of more (a total of three: one hand and two huge) and all of them overweight I went back to my home. But when you open them woke up the dream in which I was: had bundled Brown because he had no place for both cloth. The crime scene reminds me of one of the moments of the film Clueless, Although the space of my room is much smaller.

I did not the opportunity to escape bought bargains at low cost prices, so I got with a few things (although not all that I would like to). Among these, I can say that I have a dress Herve Leger (in black and anything low-cut to be able to take it again and again), a dress Anna Sui Mega ultra mono or a silk top Rebecca Taylor that cry of emotion.

  • Sandals Chanel.
  • Twiggy bag of Balenciaga.
  • Marcie mini bag of Chloe.

P.S. If after reading this post you have the pulse a thousand, sweaty hands and already looking tickets to the… You suffer from shopaholismo. Welcome to the club.