Sine Modus: An Interview

Chiara and Manuela are the creative minds and pyrotechnic Sine Modus: a container of vintage items, craftsmanship and many suggestions. We have interviewed for you!

Two girls, a lot of talent and a passion difficult to contain. Thus was born the project Sine Modus, much more than a store; a container of clothes, memories, suggestions by the scent vintage but with an incredible touch of modernity.

Sine Modus is a Latin expression -volontariamente erroneously that defines perfectly the will of the founder, Chiara and Manuela, to be disconnected from fad and typical trends of standardization, choosing clothes and accessories with an old story to tell and, entirely new, to write.

Dal Sud with love

We met these two young talents and we left fascinated by the wonderful world they carry within: childhood spent in the wonders of the South, the first discoveries in the alleys of Naples, until you come to Milan, to its thousand stimuli, to the feeling that create something different was possible. Chiara and Manuela gave us a valuable piece of their history, of their passion, the warmth that distinguishes them. Their is first and foremost a philosophy of life, the idea that the garments worn once by other men and other women can retain the values, aesthetics and the bill that now seem lost. That of re-used clothes and accessories is a passion that both institutions develop always and today becomes a concept in which you experience new forms and combinations, the old and the new blend, enhance each other.One way to tell even a small piece of fashion history, always with an eye to the modern world.

Turbanti e cappelli hand-made

Love for fashion and vintage, the desire to create something with their own hands, the distance is short. So Manuela and Chiara have begun to create their iconic turbans, made deconstructing old vintage items or second-hand with exclusive fabrics. Shirts, skirts and dresses that turn into beautiful headgear with many inspirations, from the Ballets Russes to Paul Poiret, through Carmen Miranda to the Dark Continent.

Since very little, Sine Modus has found a home in Via Pomponazzi No. 22 in Milan (save the date: the opening party is on October 21 at 18.30). Mark this address in your diary, your shopping will never be the same!