Special Pants: More Than Just Jeans

The alarm is sounding, are eight o’clock in the morning, oh, heavens!, it is time to go to work, so I’m a shower and do I have to look at what clothes will take, I open the closet and see nothing but jeans and some Chinese cotton that just I get, how can be so wrinkled?, I better put these jeans, total, for what I’m going to break his head.

Surely more than one has been in this situation any other time, so with this single post, I intend to open a little the range and show you that we can be just as sexy with something more than a simple pair of jeans.

The first thing is to see what us favors, since if we have some belly, wide-leg or are of a lower stature we opt to cut straight or wide trousers, a high shot and if possible without clamps, now that these last tend to make the “Exchange effect” widening more if it is the lower part of the hip.
If on the contrary our face is thinner, and stature tend to be medium-can choose among several options, the already mentioned straight cut or the Slim leg (narrow leg). This campaign I recommend flee the drainpipe trousers, had his point several seasons ago and although we can still buy them in a store is limited to a few styles of dress more concrete. Here the shot may be a little lower, always giving priority to the comfortable and practical.

Once we have taken the step to know how and cutting is going well we can see the model and quality: this season I recommend the fine corduroy, in Navy Blue mink, chocolate brown, green, olive, tile, red and the beige range. Micro corduroy or fine corduroy we will be warm, comfortable and no wrinkling too much, one more reason to help us with this purchase.

We can combine these pants with almost any kind of shoe, while the suede will be that gives us that look more forest, from a low ankle boots, going for a few more dress as the moccasins of mask to some sports cords in this material, without forgetting never belt, always chord to be possible with the color of our footwear. Brands such as Massimo Dutti, Purificación García and Ralph Lauren (pictured) will help us to decide.

Another good recommendation are pants from Serge with a style semi dress, We will recognize this quality by the diagonal lines that form in the face of the fabric, and because they present a very soft look to touch as the peach skin, most of the time they tend to remove the American game to be used as a costume or to be carried with a more casual style combining jerseys that tonalicen with the colors of the same.

This type of pants requires one more shoe & dress, a suggestion I give is to take them with a sweater in cashmere’s peak, a shirt of box vichy and a few napa loafers.

All these proposals may add also extra wool pants fine for this season I recommend you in shades of gray, perfect to combine with a jacket of cloth cutting sailor or a Navy Blue blazer, not forgetting clear is the classics “five pockets”, all of them are a trend for this winter season, so write them also in your list.

Well, I hope that this post has helped so let’s take a look in depth to the world”pants” and we risk something more that a few simple Chinese cotton or jeans, let us not forget that not only a shirt or a sweater are essential in our closet, bring beautiful and stylish trousers will help us to be still more handsome.

Council: When we go to pick up the bass let us look at the material that was manufactured pants, since some fabrics shrink more than others, the ideal is that the heel us is resting on the top of the heel of the shoe, so a good trick is to stretch fabric at the back and see that you touch the ground.