Stockholm Fashion Week / / The Favorite Looks From Day 1 & 2

Stockholm and Copenhagen were once our favorite fashion week cities, to the epicenter of the beautiful people and – in contrast to Berlin – to a serious, international fashionable village (don’t worry, that is way outdated!). At some point that however changed: where were the surprises? Where the friendly people? And what had become of the former favorite labels, handled us with her was fashion creations around the finger? While presented in Copenhagen hardly one of our former Favorites, is become much more manageable in Stockholm. The big show maybe, their DNA works but verblasster than ever and focuses increasingly on other, still larger industry. Was with the Scandinavian thumbprint? Or is simple and poignant fact that fashion difficult to transport across the screen can be and a visit is essential to the next fashion week?

We wait a little bit off, are fortunately a few favorites for Carin Wester and Stylein and push ’ s galant on a decision-making process. The pinch is courage and POOM then certainly next winter again. What do you think?

Berry tones in the summer 2016? Yes, please! And thus Carin Wester in Stockholm provides for the serving of so much beloved freshness. Although we discover approaches to Céline again, maybe get Philo without a small reference to power wife Phoebe currently but also simply no feet on the ground. Rib knit, moved silhouettes and the most beautiful shoe creations from the Swedish capital. Carin Wester just blows away our tribulation!

Maybe you must have been sitting this season really just in the audience, to feel the grandeur of the Swedes. It is this time unfortunately not quite possible given the images: here someone faithful to damn himself, without to put fresh wind. We know that really different from Filippa K. Although the eponymous designer reinvents himself certainly not season after season, the one or two surprises is however usually guaranteed. We check the whole thing again in March 2016 – then the pieces spin up finally in the store and waiting for an assessment from eye to eye!

Portable, on point, timeless: who attracts us these days with mini tops which provides although no big surprises, but exactly where he might land lands: in our closet. Black and white are the dominant notes in the House Stylein – and the easy slippers fit perfectly to the look.

Also Whyred went this season prefer to play it safe, to beat as loud sounds. Like, but neither skin completely off the stool. Knitted grey to light blue denim? Always goes. Black loafers to lush socks anyway and even more heavy two-parter together with the upper part of geknotetem.

Who think of marriage, which should see even more over at Ida Sjostedt. Delicate lace, tulle and stick-on: The Scandinavian provides a moment of Pucci – but in affordable.

What was I once mini-market fan. No shoe creation, which was not stared with shining eyes, no collection, which was not on the wish list. For two or three seasons, it has embarked on a different path indoor mini-market however, given to me, a mini bit sad. The success but seems right to give, which is why they hold their course the sisters. We treat’s are from the heart, but unfortunately out.

Cheap Monday

Cheap Monday SS16_Runway6 cheap Monday SS16_Runway1 cheap Monday SS16_Runway16 cheap Monday SS16_Runway12 cheap Monday SS16_Runway11 cheap Monday SS16_Runway22

Also cheap Monday remains true to – but in the typical unconventional manner. The result: A unisex collection that not everyone might like, for it brings the spirit of a generation to the point. Flared trousers for men and women, simple node techniques, Dungaree dresses of old school and denim two-parter, we may already know which remain nevertheless exciting by small details. A bit too much of a good – and thus a show with real show character. “Nuclear Psychodelia“ I like you very much.

Here you can find all pictures: Stockholm fashion week
by Mathias Nordgren and Kristian Loveborg.