Stories of Photoshop: Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel and Proenza Schouler to Laugh or Cry

Do you wish today another post about stories of the? Photoshop? Get ahead, and that do not fit any doubt, that I consider it an invention of the gods. I still remember the time, not so long ago, in which fashion photographic sessions be performed on slides and without Photoshop, or at least as we now know it. And it occurs as with mobile, one wonders how it is possible that we lived without it? The sessions have lost some freshness and element of all surprise, but! what you have earned!.

After speak already of major disasters of Photoshop, today play a collection starring characters of exception in the Olympus of fashion. Let’s start by Scarlett Johansson and your campaign for Moet Chandon. What happens with that arm?. The first human element that was born from the neck of a person.

We continue with Jessica Biel, its recent session for magazine Glamour. Look good what you is strange? One, two, three …… At first I thought was a mistake, a joke of a humorous blogger wanting to take hair to concurrency. But the truth is that, look where you look for this image you’ll run with “ Jessica cut legs ”, as if it were a mannequin that is articulable.

Finally a bit of Proenza Schouler, those who seem to have forgotten that women have a waist and that Barbie’s left it there for the 10 years that we didn’t home without a squalid doll hands.