Summer Maxi Dresses Zara

Spring is the time a little ‘fool you, it is warm but not hot, you feel in form but not in form, would you lighten up a bit’ clothing but do not feel it yet: a) you have those chiletti you’re trying to send away with hammer and chisel b) the legs are white, bear the marks of winter waxing and are not as pleasant to put on display, but then what is the solution so as not to die of heat and wear a skirt, consider the flesh-colored stockings (oVVoVe)?

Summer Maxi Dresses Zara

Maxi dress, long shirt-dress, assumes different names and today we will examine what the solution offers us Zara that, with a click, get to make your home a new wardrobe without the stress and the cosmic shock shopping with contracts that fix you. This year there will be beautiful models and wearable? Let’s find out together.


The first models to be considered are those long sleeve, light but consistent to be perfect in the transition time, the spring / summer and then summer / autumn, perfect with a leather jacket or a long long way cardingan playing with overlays. Shoes? Biker boots if desired, adding a belt at the waist manage to split the figure.

This type of dress is a classic catch-click shopping, you see soft, colorful, versatile, adaptable to every circumstance and you start thinking: “I can put him with a necklace in the evening, with a sandal or wedge day, if it takes me a pair of boots I make it a little ‘more sporty “then when you get home, the tragedy is to knit and print from the mole you have on your stomach, and that no one would have noticed before, the navel, girls see you l ‘navel! Every centimeter of skin is revealed from this tissue and what do you do? Rimpacchetti everything and references to sender.Disappointed. Depressed. (true story)

Boot in suede can be replaced by a black biker that makes the whole thing a bit ‘less serious. We say that this dress is more autumn than the blossoming of spring flowers, no?

This dress or nightgown, follows a little ‘style Coachella perfect to wear on days a bit’ windy, in fact as you can see from the photo published in e-commerce, the model with hair in the wind and the billowing maximize dress the effect resulting in a perfect style boho radical chic … (maperfavore!)


Here you can still lightens more, we move from long sleeves to short ones say for the periods a bit ‘warmer, but also takes away nothing to wear them now with over a leather jacket (as you see the nail is a steak, I like lot and I would put it well above the wanting pajamas). Of course, this dress is worn strictly with full hair style “I just got up and I have absolutely no desire to spend the plate. Do not judge me!”

Bold decision to maxi dresses, white but not optical white, light but not too much, perfect to wear with jeans or a long skirt contrast gypsy style, what do you think? Honestly the price seems a bit ‘too much.

And the bra? No I say, as you do with bra? Ok, beautiful bare back, super sexy with nothing but to drive around the city with the famous winds that at worst are no longer firm and tall as a time no thanks. You buy the same though and decide to challenge the fashion putting us under a beautiful black bra, so when you turn to mirror you realize that you’re not a model of Intimissimi and both above and below the bra fastening there is the normal softness of a back bone skin so not experiencing a slight bagged effect. But put a small piece of cloth in no more hiding behind it?

Shopping Monday is over, are women considerations woman, without thinking much, but flipping through the digital display cases sometimes you skip the dander up and you think, I would not like everything but deeply anything! Only it happens to me?