Swimsuit Buying Guide and Tips

The arrival of the summer season opens a world of new plans and opportunities outdoors: lunch on the terrace of any establishment, do sports outside, have a picnic in the park with friends or go to the beach.

And for that, it is very important that we choose the right outfit, this should help us to highlight the best of our body and be super comfortable with our figure. So, then leave you some tips to know very well about the issue.

-to find the right swimwear manufacturers we must take into account the forms of our body, in order to enhance the strong points and hide those where we do not want to focus attention, for this reason it is essential to take note of the following every body type tips.

-Women possessing an hourglass shaped body: this body type is characterized by hips and shoulders proportional and a smaller waist, in other words, these women are lucky because they possess a privileged figure. Thanks to its proportions may use any kind of bikini or bathing suit without having to take care of any area of the figure in particular.

-Girls who have a body in the form of PEAR: pear shaped body has wide hips, narrow shoulders and waist. For this reason, it is essential that girls who have this type of body seek to balance your figure perfectly. The best option for a swimsuit that is stamped by the top and bottom is smooth. If you opt for a design with volume it will be much better, because you get to balance your body.

-Women who possess more square bodies. In this type of body it seems that hip, waist and shoulders would have the same proportions. For this reason, it is recommended that in this type we try to create the illusion of being more curvilinear, so feel free to use a swimwear that has strips at the top and at the bottom that has a low waist.

-Those women that they have shoulders and wide back must choose swimsuits that tops have thick straps and a bottom that have volume to get properly balance figure.

-If you’re a woman who has a prominent belly, then I recommend you to choose a swimsuit that at the bottom does not have stamped and is wider, preference that be dark colored, since these are the best colors that create the sensation that you are more narrow.

-It is not a good idea that I bought a swimsuit that is of a lower stature to “look better” because it will create the opposite effect. Both of carving is not as model, you have to choose a swimsuit that fits super well, for example if your waist or near your hip has love handles, should choose a swimsuit that is thick waist, and avoid those that have lower parts that tie at the sides.

-It is highly recommended you try many swimsuits until halle stated model, which makes it look balanced and beautiful body. So, take your time and refer to several stores in search of the proper costume.

-Prints are not recommended, because they expand the silhouette. Rather it is advisable the dark colors, because it helps to refine the silhouette. For example; If you have prominent hips or very large chest, do not choose swimsuits that are printed in these areas, rather opt for matte colors.

-If you’re a woman who doesn’t feel comfortable with his belly and waist, don’t worry. you have to do is choose whole swimsuits, since they are perfect to collect and hide this area, the recommendation is to opt for colors that are dark.

How to choose the right lingerie

The lingerie is not only that we use under clothing or one with which we want to seduce, the lingerie is a very important role in properly endure to those areas for which they were created. Lingerie is ideal to make feel comfortable to the person using it and appropriately harmonize with each chosen item and every occasion. Today there are a variety of models in underwear, only has to choose the correct then I leave a list of tips on how to choose the perfect lingerie.

* When you go to buy lingerie it is very important that you test, that way it will check if the size is perfect for your figure.

* Always choose lingerie that is your correct shoe size, you can never use either smaller or larger.

* Women who have a small bust should choose Bras with push up and ring, because they are ideal for lifting and breast increase.

* Women who have too much bust have to buy Bras that have reinforced straps, and in the event that they wish to conceal them have to choose bra reducers.

* Those garments without strips should always be used with Bras strapless, ever with transparent straps or colors because it looks very anti-aesthetic.

* For passion nights are ideal as corsets or the bustier, some have whales that help reduce the waist.

* The thongs are perfect for thin girls and must always be worn with tight dresses. The thongs are very small, therefore they will not be mark on the garment. The thongs are not used daily, are only used when necessary, since being too tight and very small can cause urinary tract infections.

* The shorts are recommended for use with skirts or dresses, even can use them with pants. The shorts are very appropriate to hide the scrolls that are found on the hips.

* The panties or briefs are appropriate for every day, it is a type of very comfortable lingerie and we can take it with any item of clothing.