Testers, This Invention of The Devil

We love shopping, but there is a place which is probably the most hated all shop: Tester. Sure that the devil invented it. All have lived thousand situations awkward and ridiculous between those four walls, and let us hope that the secrets that keeps the tester are never revealed.

When there is too much tail in the tester

You have carefully chosen 20 items that you like in the store, and When you get to the tester oh surprise! A huge queue. The good thing is that it gives you time to chat with the one in front of you, which leads her to try to sign, and even verify that it if found the last unit of the fabulous jacket sequin you need for Christmas. Pardons are going to take?

When the tester seems that the atomic bomb exploded

Saturday evening, breaking. The tester has been used thousand times and all those who have been there have left clothes that have not been. Result, the tester is a total chaos and you have no place to hang anything.

When is the tester too small

All has happened. There are testers too small that it forced you to do contorsionismos to try on clothes. Years ago I had a handle near my house in which the testers were of fabric and dwarves. Almost every time, the fact of subjecting you to not lose the balance meant to put his hand to the tester of next.

When your mother opens the door of the tester

Mothers do not know the term discretion, so you don’t mind open wide door while you yourself are changing. Not heedless comment aloud and to hear him throughout the store that if you do not have to get other socks that have no tomatoes.

When someone opens the tester

You are half-balls, and takes place at another girl open tester. And you realize that that day just you’ve put more ugly, faded and shared underwear that you had at home. Trágame Earth.

When look you fat with everything you try

There is no site that has generated more need to start diet as a tester. What I have no size 40? I refuse to use the 40, on Monday I start the diet.

When is you the clothes not as you thought

You’ve displayed all in your head: this skirt with this blouse is going to be fabulous, if I also combine with these accessories. You will get the total look to the tester and…

When get you a selfie in Tester

Tester exists to try on the clothes, and make selfies, of life.

When the clerk asks you what so you still dress

You can not recognize that you’re unable to upload the zip, which teach too much chicha with him or that is more expensive than you thought, so very worthy, you return you dress saying “it wasn’t what I was looking for”.

When you look fabulous with what you have tried

This new outfit, you’re the best, the most beautiful and stylish, you feel great and not stop putting lips, wiggle yourself, and look how well that you feel the whole. You are going to succeed with your purchase.

When you going to buy the baby cart

This situation only will have lived it that are mothers. You have just given birth, you have nothing to wear, you are low of maternity and salts to walk with the baby and the cart. You take advantage of that the NAP has gone to sleep to your favorite store. You go to the tester and this is too small to fit the cart. Nor is it question of leave outside the small, very asleep to this. So you make a bunker with the cart and the curtain of the tester to be able to change your clothes while see you the world. You know how it will end: the baby will wake up to clean berrido, everyone can see you in panties (because you have not covered you as much as you thought), and you return home without buying anything.