That’s Why His Melania “Is Unfaithful”

This family seems to omit no scandal. Donald Trump (70) shoots regularly via Twitter in the off. His wife Melania did so again with her wardrobe – and was also a star designer affected.

It will soon be one of the gefragsten women in the political arena: Melania Trump (46) will become First Lady if her husband Donald Trump officially will be named on January 20 the President of the United States,. Whether it is as heartfelt and eloquent as its predecessor Michelle Obama (52), remains to be seen. In terms of style she is ever your not in. At the turn of the year, the native Slovenian wore an elegant cocktail dress of wool and spandex with jewelry loop by the Italian label Dolce & Gabbana. A bold statement – politically.

So, Melania with its styling ensures a sensation
Stefano Gabbana (54), a part of the star designer duo, proudly posted a photo of Trump with his creation for nearly 3,000 euros and the words: “Thank you!” No question, he is visibly proud that millionaire’s wife is his label, what should encounter lack of understanding in the majority of his colleagues. Sophie Theallet (52), Tom Ford (55) or Marc Jacobs (53) spoke out publicly against it, to equip the new First Lady with her designs. The policy stance of her husband is not their views. But something else don’t like the appearance of Melania trumps.

Melania and Donald Trump celebrated the turn of the year in Palm Beach, Florida. While the First Lady in PES with her Dolce & Gabbana dress caused vortices in the network

Her dress comes from the hand of Italian designers, which highlight this even more by the Hashtag “madeinitaly”. This should be a slap in the face for American designers. Should the First Lady of the United States represent not the industry of their country, say American designer support, instead of”foreign”? Did Michelle Obama in which she about catapulted Brandon Maxwell or Thom Browne in the upper half of the fashion League, she wore their clothes anyway. Melania Trump, however, prefers the step abroad, Italy mainly from. It seems that that speaks against the policies of her husband Donald – to revive the US economy – is contrary to, not to worry. Stefano Gabbana – tested already scandal – should have learned a lesson, however, already.

Fans are planning a boycott against D & G?
Not all his fans with Instagram shared his joy about the celebrities dress wearer: “thank you for the note. I buy now no longer at Dolce & Gabbana”, a user was indignant, while an other even more drastic:”Let’s call off a boycott of the brand.”