The 3D Comes to Fashion Magazines: Vogue Italy

The 3D It has not only revolutionized the world of cinema, but it it now intends to do so in the world of fashion. And so the magazine Vogue Italy It has decided to launch a limited 3D Edition. The protagonist? nothing more and nothing less than one of the models of fashion: Miranda Kerr.

The Australian model stars in the cover of the Italian Edition of September with the particularity that their image may be in three dimensions. It is not concerned one of susmejore covers, since it leaves not too pretty. That Yes, it is very natural. It is the first time that a fashion magazine opt for 3D in your home, so we will have to put us in a few glasses to view it.

Kerr, who is among the listed models thanks to parade as “ angel ” from Victoria Secret, is according to Forbes magazine among the ten best paid models in the world. In addition, in the last days is being notice by his marriage to British actor Orlando Bloom, and their future maternity.