The Beauty Is in the Eyes of Those Who Look at It

I was reading several definitions of beauty…

The Beauty Is in the Eyes of Those Who Look at It

“P ” property of the things that makes love them, instilling in us spiritual delight. This property exists in nature and in literary and artistic works.”

” ” ” Abstract notion linked to many aspects of human existence and who seeks a sense of pleasure or a feeling of satisfaction”

After several of these definitions me di account that the answer is not simple, because it is an abstract concept, the question is what exactly is beauty? How can we define it?

Currently, our perception of beauty is distorted and influenced by the established Canon, like looking at a magazine where they feed on the models of air or lettuce leaves us thinking that we have extra kilos, we lack a little here, spare us a bit there, what is surgery that I would do if I had the time, money and courage.

If beauty seeks satisfaction then it is enough to be happy with ourselves to feel beautiful, beauty is self right? But why it sounds so easy and sometimes we do not feel as well?

Mostly women (and increasingly men) diet in diet, exercise, makeup, massage, new clothes, and how much beauty treatment are able to carry out, seeking to become “more beautiful”, however, not always we know ourselves, we don’t appreciate our value as individuals unique and unrepeatable and that causes many doubts and insecurities, if we begin to appreciate our personal characteristics will be safer and then we feel more beautiful than anyone else.

And the next question is how? Here is a very easy exercise, look at yourself in the mirror today, analyze yourself and dare to find that special in you, something you like to secure that you will find it! Since you’ve done so enhance it, shout it to the world.

And remember that “beauty is in the eyes of those who look at it”