The Beauty of Pregnancy with Eva Herzigova for Harper’s Bazaar

I’m usually not very fan of the covers of Harper ’ s Bazaar (how could we forget the publishing of Miley Cyrus?). They tend to get quite bored. I acknowledge that I am not the target publication, so it is not surprising that not tempted me with their proposals; too classic for me. The good thing is that there are always exceptions.

The latest covers I’ve ever seen for the month of April of the of Eva Herzigova for Harper ’ s Bazaar in its British Edition is my favorite. Simple more not being able, with a past profile that Michelangelo di Battista He manages to exploit to the full the beauty of pregnancy with a visual Ode to the curves.

Eva Herzigova has always managed to maintain a class that only the large models have. That class that does that you model the Czech pose so beautiful 37-year-old. With long sleeves and black to simulate a backlight against the background nude. A simple cover at the same time as perfect.