The Best and Worst of The Magazines of Fashion

The New York Magazine you have selected the best and worst of the October fashion magazines, and his selection, Word trendenciera, is priceless. Find the best and worst of published in the last month all in one place the world It is priceless and that is why we are here to show it.

Flawless and successful its discretion when it comes to define what is the best fashion editorial, and the worst, the best casting, the best vintage fashion image, the best portrait to a designer and how not, also the worst and more editorial beauty geek or add-ins.

Let’s start the walk through the world of magazines, an exciting world that brings us to havens impossible to reach otherwise, although on some occasions these havens are paradise lost.


Best fashion editorial

The Jezebel of gold takes it without discussion Vogue Paris and what better time to win your number’s 90th anniversary with a publishing so lencero, so provocative, as Carine Roitfeld & #8230;.


The worst fashion editorial

There is no good without bad, and in this case the bad very bad is a robot, a machine that is not the taste of anyone including the model who sits next to him. The award for the magazine Allure.


Best female casting

Golden Jezebel for ….. .redoble of drums & #8230;Karlie Kloss. Who better than a dancer in his spare time to embody the beauty and aesthetics of the ballets Russes version British Vogue?


Best vintage images

The Elle Magazine it celebrated its 25th anniversary and has done so with a collection of their best images of the past that remind us the present. Perhaps Giselle, do with just 19 years old, he paints not like today? And Carla Bruni at its 33? The years have passed, but it doesn’t seem that they.

Secondly, that could well be the first, the magazine In Style who does a review by the career of Herb Ritts with some of his iconic images … please, what is it from Stephanie Seymour? has anyone seen it?


The worst publishing plug-ins

Glamour Usa takes the cake with a strange way of placing bags, accessories and model.


The best portrait of a designer

Jezebel’s gold, Platinum and oil for Donna Karan in Harpers Bazaar Usa, who without doubt, improves with age and a light touch.


Worst beauty editorial

And who is the best, is the worst. Vogue Paris, always so dangerous, excessive, irreverent… and sometimes, with so little taste.