The Cover Religious of Lindsay Lohan for Purple Magazine

The eternal return of a famous without hardly credentials already. Lindsay Lohan aims to return with an editorial that promises to speak in the Special spring-summer 2010 magazine Purple Magazine.

After the controversial camera and always praise to criticism, Terry Richardson (the latest Pirelli Calendar earned him a few “ compliments ”), the best photographer chosen to revitalize a difficult race and already it seems only settle in the body of the young American.

Still remains in the air the Muse publishing where came out naked and drugged Kate Moss style pints. That was the last play of the celebritie and did not start very well to say.

Now, in the new issue, where there is a photo of Freja Beha nude It will raise a good debate on anorexia in the models (as you can see here), Lindsay Lohan poses with a posture that looks like martyr, with clearly reminiscent to Jesus Christ. Is it that she feels as well? Or is it that it has no other way out already?