The Draw For Some Other – We Are Giving Away Festival Tickets!

Sometimes to do things that you usually wasted not a single thought. Sometimes you should be mad and take everything with you what life and unexpected coincidences throw one for the feet. Sometimes you should look outside the box and visit a Festival first once as not falling within the own music cosmos.

Who love boys by “relentless energy drink“ so asked if I would like this year’s Wacken Open air festival to make a little detour, I had actually not long to over. Clear! Why not? Once I was there, but still behind the counter – and friends, let me tell you: forget the wild images from television, I have rarely seen a so peaceful Festival. Enough space on the lawn is always there, and even at the beer booth it is good in the snake. Don’t you think? Then just come with me! We are giving away: today together with “relentless energy drink“ two tickets!

But not enough, because you have now the opportunity to place a few orders me and my best friend! Should we wallow us in the mud? Crazy Streetstyles photograph or try us in the stage diving? Only here with all sorts of mischief ideas!

But what must you do to break all rules from August 3rd to 6th, and friends and relatives to shock? – here are simply fan of Jane Wayne and post leave a comment under this! The winner will be announced tomorrow!

Are Motorhead also and Trivium we forward anyway, because the guitarist is kind of sexy. We are looking forward – na, who of you is brave?


P.s: what leads the team behind relentless in something else, you can follow on Twitter, here goes game plan!