The Essential Mensencia, Autumn-Winter 08/09

Every year designers bombard us with thousand proposals from the catwalks. Parades and collections offer thousand News to distance itself from the previous year, so many that there comes a time in which the sense of direction is lost. What it takes this year? Is it true that they have become the shoulder straps? Do really I get trousers skinny jeans? Is it legal to carry the bangs as well? We know that not everything that we see in the world fashion weeks is really wearable in real life (in fact, more of one design and more than two are rather punishable, but good), and at some point it is impossible to differentiate You can wear proudly down the street and what better leave for Carnival.

Maybe I have been a little harsh, but if it is true that not all the proposals are actually útiles. However, every year, among all the collections, we can draw several points in common, several details that emerge from the multitude of collections and become new musts. Our team has selected for you the essential This season, the parts in which is worth our spending this autumn and that they are leaving a margin for the particular style of each designer, the true fashion of the season.

Thus, this year have returned the pictures and it seems to stay. Scots, lumberjack, in shirts, ties and even pants. The scarves they have also given the Bell and cross the barrier of the feminine definitely to put a dent in the wardrobe of men, right next to the fabulous coats that it reinvent themselves this year. My Favorites: the inspired by late 19th century, early 20th.