The Hoodies with Zipper, The Plague of Autumn

Since last summer do not stop to see (and speak) of sweatshirts in the blogs and on the catwalk. In this minimalist and sporting stage that we are living, are the garment closet star. But even if the base is always the same, there are slight variations and this autumn-winter Sweatshirts with zippers on the side they are a real plague.

If you want to blame someone, Phillip Lim is your man. Since designer incorporated them into his collection Pre-Fall 2013, all firms, both mass market such as high cost have joined to incorporate zippers into their models. Which leads Camille in the cover photo is which it has designed for Pimkie and that you can buy on sale for 15,59 euros. In the store we found another model in two shades of gray for 22.99 euros.

Another option, If you prefer them with print, they are these two models on sale by Topshop. Both have zippers both at the bottom and both sides of the neck and its price is 78 euros. You can choose between this polka dots of colors with abstract and stamped background beef in black and white.