The North Face Jackets for Man

The North Face kindly this proposal of sports equipment for men who are taken seriously, more and more, it’s the running. And it is them that would let anything before his race of the day, but rain, snow or hail.

The jacket for running AK Stormy Trail Jacket for men is a waterproof, breathable and model with hood that offers maximum protection under the most adverse conditions. Incorporates FlashDry™ technology, with microporous particles improve and accelerate the Elimination of excess moisture in the skin. The jacket has a hood fixed, reflective and wing that you can stick with a lace for a perfect fit.

Shoemakers The North Face masters take into account things that the human foot can expand and dilate up to 2 cm during a race in the background when designing your sports shoes. The shoes Hyper-Track Guide they are light and provide excellent support, ideal for long distances, by mountain slopes or on the road. You can find the latest jacket from North Face through

The The North Face Enduro Plus Pack hydration backpack It is broader, and goes to great adventure races. A comfortable harness minimizes chafing, increases ventilation and reduces sweating. An avant-garde system tying Boa® compresses the 2L reservoir and paste it into the back of the athlete thanks to some fine steel cables and a simple return of an easy access button. It has several pockets and a tied to canes gear system.

The proposal is completed the mesh GTD Capri Tight offers comfortable fit, support, stimulates circulation and provides moisture regulation to long-distance runners. The shorts & technical shirt Better than Naked models of competition ligers and properties are moisture that offer the best performance in endurance racing. Material and reflective logos add security at night and in low visibility races.