The Obsession of The Season: The Perfect Jacket Mutant Sheep (Or Vice Versa)

It has happened again: without knowing how, when and why I can’t stop thinking about this love that has emerged and to sleep with him. I guess life by your side, every day and in all situations possible. And no, I’m not talking about a man beloved, my unconditional love is by the Iro jacket. But more than a thousand euros I separated from her, that makes everything and an impossible love. Platonic but with easy substitution: firms have put the batteries. And it seems that the trend of mixing the mythical perfect jacket with a lining of sheep or hair is more fashionable than ever.

Why sigh relieved: my desire to have this garment will be calm with the most economical choices that I present today. I like it the combination and fusion of both garments, and I have no objection to shout from the rooftops (without hesitation) I do!

  • Perfect long coat of Bershka, 59.99 EUR.
  • In black leather from Zara TRF, 129 euros.
  • In XXL version of Topshop, 125 euros.
  • Made in Black Suede for White, 139,99 EUR.
  • A worn black of Pull & Bear, 59.99 EUR.
  • Biker jacket of Mango, 59.99 EUR.