The Thing with the Fudeln, or: #Imperfect = Perfect

My girlfriend Louise has by her mother a Selfiestick birthday given, what is right „ jaunty, my child “ so, something that you prefer demonstratively ashamed back want to roll at the time of delivery in the wrapping paper sausage, at some point then to surrender and the telescopic arm selig swings look, petting, grinning, tongue rolling. Photos of the own face shoot from an angle above, banana, devoted only unrestrained teen of this practice was still so a few years ago. Today it is about as present as avocado bread on the social Web.

But: Never was the illustrated self-optimization in a such a large contrast to the self-confidence of their disciples. At the other end of China staff, namely above all doubt, dissatisfaction and complexes hang in the majority of cases. Because the grass of beauty seems somewhere else getting greener. Because despite sufficient knowledge about filters, overexposure and goodies, we like to forget out that perfection is a non-existent utopia, one that is only designed to hold the giant hamster wheel of constant error search underway. Because the permanent parent stylisation of everyday life leads to a frightening pronounced version of loss of reality. John Legend although no scholar is runny lines sings with his prior romance „ (…) All your perfect imperfect information “ but basically the most important thing: imperfect and I’m perfect go together like Paris and the Eiffel Tower. ESPRIT currently fired this awareness with a campaign of which we reported you here already. Although not without opposition, but we remain here: If a company does that we again more and more talk about what makes us really adorable and the opposite of barren decals, then we wrap us like in ambiguous Hashtags as #imperfect.

It is namely so that I get not rare even in the catches of comparisons. The hair by Gilda Ambrosio finish me regularly. ARIS apartments also. And let’s not even start wardrobe with Pandora Sykes. That similar thoughts can arise at the sight of my own Instagram feeds, I was long time unaware what is mainly because I know how it looks behind my scenes. Namely bird-NAS-, dust-mouse, and ever more frequently also pimply. I cherish and care not only one flaw, but at least thirteen. Just i’ve befriended me at last with 27 years with them. And must regularly loudly laughing, when I see the 83 snapshots of my respective outfits to find one that can not stand me as complete monkey, I’m indeed a David.

Attitude note minus ten, laptop hump. Flounder-flat butt, just back with crack. When I laugh, the Chin slips me sometimes accidentally direction neck, real incisors missing me, who has embezzled the universe from the beginning me, what causes that in the middle of my mouth not elegant gap, but a King tooth is enthroned, despite twelve braces years including arc. This asymmetry is my middle name. Left eye less than right, so see me mostly with wrong holding head, who his character is just way, steadily. Since I became a mother, my breasts have slipped one level deeper and my upper arms can beckon, even though they are slim. My toes are long like fingers, I used to think, I would have given me a joint too much. I must pluck the hairs on it. The day before yesterday, I found a streak with quad split ends, a new record on the head. Milking the mouse, but above all: love. I can not imagine, how it would be, my friends not more regularly would be under the pizza table, because sheer joy the thing with the Chin again has happened to me. As it would to my grandma visiting the tea would refrain from non-existent to Pat back to me about my then the three hundredth „ you did from your grandfather Edmund “ guidance through the gallery in the living room to chat up. My Dad on the other hand does not tire to compare us with hobbits, he is big fan of Tolkien and our feet. My butt even Sarah Jane brings to resounding tears pour, every time when I breitbeinig, with shifting pants and „, I present: Manni! “ stomp screaming on the sidewalk. God, what’s that crap. If it were not. Clone Hausen. Therefore: #imperfect forever.

The collection to the #Imperfect campaign is available immediately online by the way from – I’m a fan of the coat – even bought, because in love.

Coat here, blouse here, pants here.
You can of course still join the Hashtag campaign: #imperfect #esprit.
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