The Truth about Suit

The suit is often associated with rigidity and formalism. But this garment is essential in the male closet and has evolved over the last 20 years to become a versatile element that brings elegance without sacrificing comfort.

The Truth about Suit

The microdisenos, fabrics with subtle lines, blurred pictures or the traditional single fund, are combined by Arthur Street to obtain a sophisticated garment that also incorporated: buttonhole straight or tear, sacks with two or three buttons, lapels on blackberries or peaks and linings contributing delicate living and pasapuntos. The result is a confection that blends tradition, design and avant garde.

As for color, blue and gray are protagonists. Light or light grey is the most versatile and easiest to combine this range, applies for any occasion and his tone combines almost any color. Blue, which is already defined as a classic, is renewed with a higher tone and the cobalt blue, evokes the avant, garde in the male wardrobe. The black and brown remain as basic to the more formal looks.

Some people must look stylish in warm climates and do not see the suit as the most convenient option. For them, Arthur Street has created a line suits 100% linen. Available in 3 colors: tan, blue and white, linen incorporates details of tailoring and bold contrasts. This natural acquires more prominence in the male wardrobe and with a correct combination of accessories, linen is also a good choice for cold weather.

Arthur Street has developed two silhouettes of costume that are adapted to the needs of every man.
Basic: classic, structured and comfortable for those who appreciate traditional and elegant lines.
Current: to whom it may concern more risky and opt for the unstructured and adjusted.

Suit reinvents itself continuously and refutes the theory that is only for solemn occasions.