This Belly-Free Look Is Not for Chilblains

Which has probably never heard of “Bridging” who thinks that belly-free tops and winter temperatures mutually. This new trend is our summer cropped tops to winter-must-have – you must follow a few simple rules.

“Are you warm socks and a shirt?” Grannies and mothers like to ask this question when the outdoor temperatures approach the zero point. ‘Flan King’ fans abandon this winter anyway – and fashionistas go even one step further: belly-free!

Cold stomach is trend
The trend, which describes the fashionable bridge (also known as “bridge”) between long coats, leather, knitted or bomber jackets and cropped top and pants is called “Bridging”. The warm coats and jackets are worn this open so that the strapless look is still somewhat warm and visible. We admit: bridging is not for wimps. But with the right parts it looks at least super stylish.

Are you “cool” enough for this trend? Then consider these 4 styling tips:

  1. in addition to keep warm
    There are cropped tops with turtleneck. But also silk scarves are super hot and keep the neck area warm in addition.
  2. the rest keep closed
    The belly-free look at the belly should be the only nude part of the body. In combination with skirts, shorts and co. it will then quickly look cold. Aside from a rather closed outfit to the cropped-top looks too much classier.
  3. set colored highlights
    Slightly heat up the dreary winter, especially colored highlights are suitable. In any case, a red coat or a colored cropped top are an eye-catcher. Confined but also to a part.
  4. the right tone
    Sadly, gone are the days of sun-kissed complexion most women. The right choice of color is especially important not to look like a lime bar. Not only beautiful winter colors are Burgundy, dark green, gold and cognac, they can also immediately Brown impact the skin. If you decide for the trend color white, pick up cream or eggshell.