Three Covers of Vogue and a Single Dress, Where Is The Originality?

Last week saw the first cover of Emmanuelle Alt at the front of the French Edition of Vogue. In it we see a pretty woman Gisele Bundchen posing seductively (as only she knows to do) in the middle of a lost mountain road. A lot of people you Dislike, another much loves, and that over time the new editor of Vogue France will be picking your style. It is a matter of time.

But the issue today is not the cover itself (already talked about it beforehand), the topic of today is the dress chosen for this. White, long sleeve, short and semi-transparent. The ideal garment for the more glamorous summer afternoons. For those days after the beach, when we have tanned skin and everything we feel great. And it appears that this model in other two covers. But the worst thing is that these two are different editions of Vogue. Is it that they are in agreement? Can not choose another dress? With the number of large firms that are on the market and three editions of a magazine they match the same garment a month apart. Where is the originality? This signature it Dolce & Gabbana and is removed from the collection spring-summer 2011. The truth is that I love, I have to admit it & #8230;

The first cover in teach us this dress was the Spanish version the last month of February. This is the most romantic thanks to the used tones: cake and roses lyrics. I like it! What do you think?

And for the month of April 2011 the German version Vogue brings us a cover of the most summer: the beach how protagonist. The dress here, in my opinion, does not look as much as in the previous ones, but the composition of this is perfect.

Which cover do you stay?