Tip: Be Careful at the Time Making Overlays of Clothes in the Winter

One of the things that most attracts men in the winter is the possibility of making overlays with the various types that the clothes that earn the streets at this time of year, but there also lies the danger, it is common to commit a few small sins that can compromise the visual, get to know some of them:

Tip Be Careful at the Time Making Overlays of Clothes in the Winter

1 – Create a lot of volume in the top half of the body

No one wants to be looking like an adult, but when the chosen pieces are very large it is common for the shoulders, the chest and the belly are disproportionate in relation to the rest. When you are dressing in layers, try to choose pieces that are warm, but thin, in order to create a silhouette more slender and elegant.

2 – Slice the silhouette

Coat of one color, sweater of knitting of the other with a shirt or t-shirt showing up underneath, all of these elements will cutting your body in slices, creating horizontal lines instead of creating a figure in a uniform and elongated. The shorties should avoid at all costs this trap that creates the illusion of being lower still, using the parts on the top part of lengths similar, and shades close.

3 – to Sin by excess

A lot of people is excited and begins to put clothes that not have because to be there, just to show that you can, but even when it is possible to overlap, the better it is to be extremely critical and to judge if there is even a reason to be using nearly a dozen pieces of clothing at the same time.

4 – Wear loose clothing too

The cold is the one moment that always has a smart ass thinking that you can wear that sweatshirt two numbers greater won of the tia. Still as you wear a shirt, a t-shirt, and know more what below it will continue with a flattering horrible, clothes with cut decent are a rule even in the winter, as with this.

5 – to Err ugly on the combination of colors

I agree that it is more difficult to coordinate a quantity of larger pieces of clothing at once, but it required an effort to which do not arise out of combinations of colors esdrúxulas or fully incompatible. We have already talked about some ways to work with colors before, just follow the rules and everything will be fine!