Tip: Love Kaloudis – “Trips for the Lovesick & the Heartbroken”

Heartache is a nasty, destructive cruelty that everyone of us knows and got to feel most likely more than once on your own body. And right here is the good in it: because no matter how much your heart has been abused, no matter how much pee you pressed from your eyes and whom you like would put in that moment over the knee, there are always hundreds of like-minded people and even more fixed ideas for the tough but quite schaffbaren process.

“The love Kaloudis“ for example, organize short trips for broken hearts. Sounds strange? It is indeed, but very certainly useful.

Order to be honest, I can imagine little schmerzhafteres me, what fuels my convulsive ass together kneifern lack of understanding at the same time. What out must, out of – this also applies to the most depressing type of sentiment. Too often we hear but „ you don’t make a scene, everything will be fine head, high „. Is true as well, but if you just swallow all mourning, a fießes Magenschwür, packed with unauthorised out anger make someday. No, it has to be never too proud to admit weaknesses – and everyone must suffer a bit, because only then is ’ s right. See it that way also the men and women behind the sympathetic organization team of lovesickness trips.

During the “customized Getaways“ may namely merrily away chatted, in group or individual discussions, even if the best friend before sheer heartache chat is already expired in a trance-like State.

Also the own body and soul comes during various wellness programs not too short, comfort fresh air, good food and the in-house lovesick dog Lasse for ’ s first above everything else away. Almost no one is at this point probably the nakedness be to confess that he keeps this admittedly somewhat slanted idea not as stupid for cooking – but howl and intimate round still a style coaching and plenty delicious food on top of that, sounds all frustrations to let to us first completely uninhibited healing.

Why not? The next trip: August 17! More info can be found here!



P.S.: Sugarhigh has quickly brought together the five stages of heartache for us:

  1. After five kilos weight loss, you’re still convinced that he will call you. Everything is just a matter of time, you say to yourself. Until then, are whisky. 2. He has called of course. You anyway never really loved him. You start to hate everything about it. You call friends remembered that he has geschmatzt like a pig. Without him’s friends a thousand times better. More whisky. After your hatreds have reached its zenith: recurrence in stage 1. 3. You make friends, never again to him nagging around, just because he squishes. Never again! For a very last chance, you’re ready to quit smoking, to drink a whisky and also never to snoop around in his E-Mails. Please, please, please! Only one chance! Recurrence in stage 1 and 2. 4. Your friends say things like “You have to let go now” and “You should take your life back into view”. So you taking a few days off. Maybe he never really loved you. Just don’t think about it. Dear ice cream. Recurrence in stage 1 and 3. 5. Suddenly you realize that you’re fallen several days at a time not at stage 1, 2, or 3. Who knows knows – maybe you who are over mountain? At least for now?

[via sugar high, image: Untitled (1950) by Stanley Kubrick]