Tom Ford for Vogue Paris Would It Is Possible to Be a Great Designer, Director, Photographer and Film?

Honestly, don’t know because the last test of the undeniable genius of Tom Ford does not seem to give me the reason. Ford is a large should not doubt, that his debut as a film director with Single man was splendid not to wonder… but question its latest extravagance of hand of his also, on occasions, extravagant companion of outrages? Carine Roitfeld in the Vogue Paris? Yes. Verdict: a horror.

A protagonist: Crystal Renn. A theme: plastic surgery. Photographer: Tom Ford and a stylist. Carine Roitfeld. Sounds true to melody of Blackbirds? Sorry Ford, but your exquisite taste has disappeared, it seems that a scalpel stroke.

Please, do not miss the editorial because it is to fall… an attack of bad taste.