Tommy Hilfiger New York Fashion Week

Inspiration football for the Tommy Hilfiger runway, which with the collection FW 2015/16 30simo celebrates its anniversary with a limited edition on sale during the parade.

A football field for a fashion show with a decidedly unusual taste, with lots of media countdown for those who have followed the show streaming. To present its women’s collection Autumn / Winter 2015/16 Tommy Hilfiger has definitely made it big, playing with sporty references both in location as proposed in the look on the catwalk. The models have literally paraded on the yard!

For the anniversary, a limited already for sale online

The collection offered by Tommy Hilfiger and presented at the Park Avenue Armory Monday, February 16 celebrates not only the passion of the designer for the sport and for America but also the 30simo anniversary of the fashion house.
For this was already possible to buy an online ‘limited edition pieces created exclusively, from the moment of their appearance on the catwalk. The products in the Hilfiger Collection Limited Edition are characterized by “30”, the number of this important anniversary, and include a jersey with V-neck inspired by those of the sports teams of college in burgundy or gray oyster, and an extra-large clutch leather with zipper in five different shades.
“the inspiration comes from one of the most famous American pastimes: the football,” said Tommy Hilfiger. “This fall we will celebrate our 30th anniversary with leaders in a limited edition that will be available for our customers already the instant they appear on the catwalks. Will continue to use the most cutting-edge digital technology to make the event accessible to as many people as possible, inviting them to watch the parade using different and innovative ways.”
The collection also seems to be a way to pay homage to the Superbowl, which ended just a few days does.

 Spogliatoio/backstage social con Twitter Mirror

The backstage of the parade was enriched by the presence of technology: Tommy Hilfiger, always attentive to the trends not only in fashion but also in the social field wanted to enrich the behind the scenes of the fashion show with the presence of Twitter Mirror, for the first time used backstage at a fashion show in NY.
Twitter Mirror is an application that allows the user to take a selfie and enrich it with the custom creative content, then share the click through @TommyHilfiger account thanks to an iPad placed in the backstage.

From the football field to real life

The transposition from the football world to that of fashion is very well managed. The commemorative collection of Tommy Hilfiger includes leaders who, despite the obvious inspiration sporty are elegant, pleasing and wearable on numerous occasions, even a certain degree of elegance and formality. The palette sees preferring burgundy, gray, green, yellow, navy blue and white, while the silhouettes alternate between large cuts and tightened lines, used especially to emphasize the waist.
The fabric samples used includes the use of sporting types acetates and knitting (knitting so much!), but teamed with more feminine materials like voile and fur, creating pleasant contrasts and very interesting such as pleated skirts a little ‘cheerleader, ready to reveal a soul made ​​of impalpable and romantic voile.
Very particular the numerous references to the world of football, as a player from the numbers of garments and accessories to finishes that reflect the seams of the ball, with pennants applied on bags.