Trends Low-Cost Autumn/Winter 2013 / 2014: Red Passion at All Hours

There are so many trends each season that is difficult to choose a favorite. Colors also part of the trends for the autumn/winter 2013 / 2014. The colors that are most successful are the red, the toffee, klein blue, white and pink. Today we bring you the most interesting garments in version low-cost in Red, a perfect pitch now that approaching Christmas.

Dresses at Asos red lady

Every woman should have a red dress in the closet. According to the design of dress you choose to give him an air or another. If you opt for a tight red dress breathe sex-appel on all four sides and if flight in color with red touch lady you have secured.

  • Dress set with Baroque patterned mesh design, 38,36 euros.
  • Red dress mid-calf style lady by 36,30 EUR.
  • Dress style combination in red wine, by 23,97 EUR.
  • Skater dress of Red lace, by 33,56 EUR.

At Zara, coats in red

A Red Coat It is an imperative. But dare with a coat of a lively red, opt for Red over dark or pulling to garnets. You can also take a stamped red wrap, for example paintings that are trend.

  • Terracotta Red Cross shelter, for 69.95 euros.
  • Rojo-granate, coat with large colour flaps for 39.99 euros.
  • Cross, by 89,95 EUR short coat.
  • Oversize in red and Navy Blue Coat, for 79,95 EUR.