Types of Ladies Shoes and Their Names

How many times you happen to see the shoes, but do not know how you call it? To me a lot. Here is a guide for forgetful forgetful and they want the shoes but do not know their names.

Types of Ladies' Shoes

There are thousands of models of shoes, and then thousands of names. Impossible to know them all. It happened several times to see me on the street, see the shoes that I always wanted and then to want to buy the same. But what to look for? What shoes were? What do you call that model? Or see a logo but do not know which brand belongs.Once, I confess, I could not resist the temptation, I stopped a person on the subway and I asked him what shoes were those who wore. For all the curious, forgetful and forgetful like me, here is a little guide.

What Are Their Names…

  • Shoes with thick soles: platform-What are the names shoes with thick soles?  Answer: platform. Typical of recent years are the platform shoes, that is, the shoes with a very thick sole which also raises than 5 centimeters and over. Those with thick black soles are the Creepers. There are also versions in high-top sneakers.
  • The shoes with the star: two types, Converse or Ishikawa-What do you call the shoes with the star … So, the shoes that have a star logo there are two: the iconic and historical Converse and less historical but no less trendy Ishikawa, low sneakers characterized precisely by a big star. Which one you mean?
  • The shoes with the monkey: Drunkmunky-You call it, the shoes with the little monkey. Or drunken monkey. Sports shoes trend among young people.
  • Shoes with wooden heel: mmm… Lita?-This is difficult: what do you call those shoes with wooden heels? Well, wedges. But perhaps you have seen of Lita, characterized precisely by an apparent wooden heel and a very retro design that makes it original and cool.
  • The high-heeled shoe type boots: ankle boots-It’s fine boots, or even socket. They are the boots that reach the ankle, with or without high heels. In English they are called ankle boots.
  • Open toe shoes: peep toe or open toe- Open toe are the heels (high or low) with a small opening in front of where to check a finger or with a larger aperture that lets more fingers. There is also talk of peep toe is the case of many Christian Louboutin.
  • The shoes with the rooster: Coq Sportif- Hard to go wrong, if you’ve seen the sports shoes or sneakers very minimal, are so called, Coq Sportif. The rooster have it just them!
  • The shoes with the red sole Christian Louboutin-I’m not the only shoes with red soles, but 90% intend these. Among the most famous shoes in recent years ( fairly expensive ) characterized precisely by the red sole fire and call themselves as well as their creator Louboutin.
  • Whatever you call those shoes without laces? There are so many models of shoes without laces. The classic loafers, or vintage espadrilles. Many swords of sports shoes made shoes without laces, are famous such as Converse but also the Vans.In particular the latter have made several famous models, from classic black ones, with those checkered even up to the leopard.