Urban Sportswear

The spring-summer 2014 woman Moncler Gamme Rouge dresses sportswear of animal tissues.

An urban forest. This is the atmosphere in which it opens the spring-summer 2014 Monlcer Gamme Rouge. The models paraded surrounded by grape plants on a floor that looks almost asphalt. Giambattista Valli takes us on an Africa revisited and interpreted in a cosmopolitan key, where the woman Moncler is a modern woman, adventurous and global trotter.

The first on the catwalk to alter dresses adventurous researcher with long pants to the knee cap on his head and shoulder bag, ready for adventure, to look with short dresses and tight with snakeskin enriched by small feathers. After parading a short dress only python leather use this fabric as decorative element of t-shirts, shorts and caps.

The feathers are placed on each animal, both to decorate a part of the skirt or the neck, both as a single element to create retro activewear. Valli then introduces the ‘animal in each variation, from zebra to leopard-spotted that inserts on jackets, skirts, pants and t-shirt. It combines both a more sophisticated look like blacks dresses and skirts, but it does pull even on a sportswear with pajama-pants almost seem like a track suit with tshirt just spotted.

Black is introduced in mid collection with dresses adorned with feathers to form voluminous sleeves or voluminous details, combined with animal print jackets and skirts.The focus falls on a dress shirt dresses in military green color decorated with leopard print details and a phosphorescent orange fabric end, as if to symbolize a life jacket.

Throughout the collection, the common thread is the sports apparel, important component of Moncler Gamme Rouge, the designer interprets mixing it with the street style by running off in skater boys walkway that enrich the atmosphere underground.

Moncler accessories are sporty and casual spring-summer 2014: the cap also worn backwards, the backpacks carried in the shoulder or hand held, skateboarding that becomes unique accessory.

A sporty yet chic woman who knows how to mix the right way street style with urban culture.