Victoria Beckham Look Awards Glamour

This woman never ceases to amaze me and his last appearance was “glorious”. Victoria Beckham, the main protagonist of the Glamour Awards, It has been chosen in London as Woman of the year and entrepreneur of the year by Glamour magazine. Woman of the year don’t know very well why I suppose that attitudes, appearances, and looks a little bit of everything going by their hairdos. The entrepreneur is due to its lines of fashion jeans and sunglasses, perfumes and for having managed to beat record sales over the Christmas period with his book That Extra Half Inch.

The wife of David Beckham drew attention with their amazing outfit chosen for the occasion, away from the elegance and glamour that you both like to spread. Or is it that I do not wear? Vicky wore a Roberto Cavalli corset and under which I loomed your underwear, accompanied of a White Bolero, the only thing her look pretty. Stockings, too opaque and with much lycra, were marked in black stitching and needle, late-model heels and platform shoes. Her extravagant look was completed by Karl Lagerfeld-style leather gloves. In short, nothing I don’t like. Do you think you?

Some British tabloids have compared it with the stagings burlesque Dita von Teese, ex-wife of Marilyn Manson, and artist specialising in striptease. After receiving the awards, Victoria told the disadvantages of his outfit and were not in view of their costumes: “corset hides everything on your website, but when I got in the taxi and sat down”. one of the rods broke”. And it is that even the most divine you these things happen everyday.