Vintage Man Proposed by New Talents of Internet Ages

But how he dresses the man haute couture? Responded young Italian talents who participated at AltaRoma. With extreme and very courageous creations.

Vintage Men's Clothing

The parade of new talent organized by the Academy of Costume and fashion, and staged during the internet ages, was an exciting opportunity for me, that fashion show I have seen many in my my life.

Each collection was not only made of brass, the collection were the emerging designers: Flavia Colantoni, Andrea Di Salvo, Ilaria flower, Livia French, Sharon Martyashkina, Federica Maria Melpignano, Barda, Journo Svetlana Nadezhdina, Deniza Nugnes, O Steveson, Heida Oskardottir, Federica Rabito, Francesca Richiardi, Martina Scattarella, Saima Shakoor, are the guys who were selected and that very strict and were judged by a Panel made by great professionals in the fashion industry.

Through these creations have lead staged their world, movies that are tied, the artists that are in love.

Were not afraid to not appeal to those who judged them and with a huge courage have managed to send lots of love, sacrifice and above all feeling and desire to dream (there were more designer brands that do so!).

Eventually won Haniya Fatima but for me the biggest win is that of made in Italy, which needs new inputs and new young people bet on.

Photo: Flavia Colantoni brings us into a new masculine universe made of classic complete with allover printed and unisex accessories. who’s ready to dare?

Federica Rabito: futuristic shapes and maxi zips, the collection mixes streetstyle and underground styles, is a journey into the future male universe.

Flavia Chalasani. If you were tired of the long beard, get used to it! Since this post is by no means a modern dandy #cosmoloves.

Federica Rabito. Tissues from the hypnotic effect, gas masks that become accessories to the Warriors, only for guys who live the metropolis by night.

Federica Rabito. Bad boy attitude, synthetics, colors flash, oversize jackets, obviously is a #cosmoloves.

Flavia Chalasani. The pants are shorter and the lace-decorated us becoming focal point … For the series: eyes on me.