Wear to Work

Does little, talking with a friend, told me that he had changed his style dress for work, that he was before going. I looked at him and not out of my surprise, because it represented perfectly the Classic Andalusian posh boy™. That it is not that they dress badly, eye, they are so… boring. And there are so many that, joining the labour market, see that his clothes stands out too and adapt to the prevailing fashion.

When one has to take care of their image to go to the office, without reaching dress up costume, the possibilities are reduced and many end up wearing the same outfit in thousand plain colors: pants clips beiges, inside long sleeve shirt (stripes or pictures to choose from, but a single color), dark belt and shoes do not necessarily game; vest, jacket or reefer, according to time. Beige pants can be replaced by a pair of jeans on holidays.

The problem is not that a male view as well, the problem is that an entire sector the population between 25 and 45 years old do, day feel the need to adapt to the dominant fashion itself and day also, and that the puppies that are incorporated. Sure that an anthropologist has much to say here (did someone say Temperance Brennan?), but for now I will just the task self-imposed carry something of variety the offices of the planet.

I tried to think of a new wardrobe for my friend. Improvising a little, which let alone. One came I image head: American, shirt open with t-shirt underneath, jeans with belt (the importance of the belt as accessory, would a colleague dares to devote an entry?), medium tip dress shoes. Ready. Admit: My House has crime, but I think a pretty good choice for a young entrepreneur, with rebellious touch that I love. But the truth is that not everyone dare such a radical change.

Another alternative I’ve found gossip out there (this time on the website of Burberry. Yes, I turned off the TV for a little while), born of the reinterpretation of the classics. Today I discovered that, in fact, fashion is the artistic branch of the probability, So congratulations: now read this page is equivalent to study mathematics. The elements are clear (shirts, pants, jackets, shoes and accessories), and really don’t need to go through life of eccentric to dress well and modern. It is simply an exercise of combinatorics. I’ll explain you seeing the example of Burberry.

Ignore for the moment the CAP. For now and forever because it is horrible (do a tassel? really?). Moreover we have grey straight trousers (right now I don’t know if it is that the trousers are flared or model is clubbed, but let’s imagine that they are straight), a shirt of pictures, a bufandoso scarf, dress shoes and a jacket. The key: the jacket and the structure. We change a little classic jacket and bet by a different court, we took us inside shirt pants and presto! The rest is the same old, but seems a completely new set.

Even less risk. Let’s look at this photo taken from the catalogue of Springfield (the store, not the city).

This time is clearly lo mismito everyday but at that look different? The key: the patterns and colors. Pants, if you look, have a kind of drawing pictures very subtle, just to not be striking and at the same time escape the absolute dullness of daily clothing. Then, to compensate, for both the shirt and the jersey are complementary to the pants-toned, and his secret is on the green line, which gives strength to a Brown and blue that otherwise would not say anything.

So, in summary: Although there are certain rules not written of how one should dress for work, we found our room for manoeuvre not eccentricity but simplicity, adopting the same elements as everyone else but gambling by different prints -not bold, to avoid desgraciar the view of our partners, compensating for colors other more alive, even within the same piece – dead again, pity for the eyes of others, live is not synonymous with chiillon, and desencorsetando structure with detail dumber but more effective in the world: the shirt out.