Wearing Winter Jackets

Babies want to be taken – and not just in the summer. But as the baby is really warm despite the cold outside temperatures? Normal jackets are too small to protect you and the child, so you can fall and winter on a Tragejacke or a so-called Tragecover recourse. We looked around for you to practical and beautiful wearing jackets, tote covers and Jack extensions for the cold season.

In a Tragejacke you have the baby as usual very close to you on the body and pulls on you and wearing a jacket made especially for this purpose. The Gametate is attracted only about the child in the sling and is suitable for wearing on the abdomen, as well as on the back. The advantage of wearing jackets: If you carry the child, you need to attract him no winter clothes, because it is protected by the jacket as well as the wearer. Another advantage of wearing jackets – some models allow the child to wear on the back or on the side, particularly in older children, the additional carrying options be practical.


The  3-in-1 Parka Vertbaudet can later be used as a normal parka to keep mom and baby warm both during pregnancy and in the gestation period and.

More Tragecover and wearing jackets of HAH, wearing sweater, Mama Lila, Hoppediz, Peekaru and Jack extension Kumja:

HAH Tragecover

Was multiple recommend this Tragecover of HAH, that is with many baby carriers, eg Manduca or ERGObaby compatible. You need at milder temperatures to only wear normal clothes and your baby has it still warm and protected. The Tragecover  HAH Winter Deluxe is waterproof.

 wearing sweater

On the side  tragepulli.de  find your wearing clothes: from the Tragejacke “Sheila”, about the carrying vest “Lina” by wearing pullover “Lea”.

A rain Tragecover with sewn-hood for the child has Tragepulli.de Releases.

Mama Lila

Wearing jackets and Tragecover also offers the brand  Mama Lila  on its own online store.The Softshell weather jacket looks sporty and keeps wind and rain from mom or dad and child away. The jacket can already carry in the pregnancy when the belly is getting rounder and does not fit into the usual jacket. Also Outdoor Jackets for men and women from waterproof, windproof Sympatex with removable tray for the front and for the rear can be found here. Unfortunately much function and outdoor fitness is not very cheap, from 239 euros off you go. The Tragecover are somewhat better (about 49 Euro for visor, 89 euros for the Winter Tragecover). A special feature is the trendy wearing trenchcoat, we found only here.


A cozy cover of Polar Fleece – exactly the right material for uncomfortable autumn and cold winter days – also offers the sling manufacturer Hoppediz. The Hoppediz Tragecover 3 in 1is equipped with a rain cover, which can be mounted on the fleece cover. With rain Cover the Hoppediz costs about 60 euros, without just under 30 euros. It has many good reviews on Amazon.


On the English side of Bobafamily  (USA) there is the sweet kangaroo Tragecover of Peekaru in different colors. Cuddly warm, worn as a vest with autumnal temperatures or in winter under a jacket. The Peekaru wearing jackets fit most popular baby carriers, slings, mei tai’s and slings.


Tragecover of Peekaru

Kumja Jack extension

A very practical idea is the  Kumja Jack Extension  ( K omm u nder  m one Yes purposes), we also here with us ever imagined . Thus it is not only babies warm and cuddly, and the baby belly in pregnancy finds it in recent months enough space. Including delivery costs the Kumja about 35,00 Euro – relatively cheap so in comparison to specific wear jackets or tote covers. In addition to the thick fleece version for the winter, the page also offers a rain and a sunscreen for carrying charges. Classic Tote jackets can be found here by the way also – simply browse times!


The Kumja and many of the featured Tragecover and wearing jackets of HAH, Hoppediz, Mama Lila and other trademarks and the associated advice can be found for example in the online shop of gestation . We actually found wearing coats. In addition to the shop, there is also produced a significant Blog with tips and articles around the baby, breastfeeding and carrying. Who can imagine the wearing jackets and cover not properly place the Youtube channel of gestation some descriptive instructions and video performances in motion pictures.

Special offer

Who is looking for an inexpensive alternative, can also easily browse the wardrobe of the partner or to look around in the second-hand shop or the sale rack in the men’s department at H & M, C & A, etc. Perhaps there is here a jacket or coat in XL, among whom you carry your baby in the baby carrier or bind in a sling can. Often children’s second-hand shops have a small corner or department with pregnancy fashion – with a little luck you will also find a Tragejacke

If must remain in the hallway at snowy paths of the stroller, a baby carrier or sling is often the best alternative. For those who do not want to miss out on wearing in autumn and winter, a jacket or a tote Tragecover can be a handy addition. In addition to protecting the baby feels the jacket and the body heat of the wearer. And so safe as when mom or dad is nowhere else.