Welcome to Cowboy Territory: Denim + Denim, The Perfect Formula

Call it Denim square, Cowboy on cowboy or Texas by two, but the trend of mixing two garments in this fabric so life continues being on foot from canon. And so we are seeing it in different entries that the egobloggers prepared day after day for us, readers. Sources of inspiration or simply to admire and to be seen, but we cannot deny that they are already a benchmark and trend-setting. So this year (again) returns the euphoria by look a total look at cowboy, do you feel?

And the truth is that I like not only because of its result, but for the ease of this trend entails. Everyone has a Cowboy in your closet (if it is not your case is for X-files) and the great majority also has a jacket or a shirt in this tissue. The only thing we have to do is combine both garments in a same styling. Et voila! Easy and hassle-free.

And if we want to a little break the monotony the final result, we can look open jacket/shirt while we look one white cotton basic t-shirt. It’s easy, simple and beater.

Dare to combine it again?