What to Wear Under Long Cardigan

This is not the first season of fashion long vests. This article of clothing is very convenient because it can serve as a coat or complement the image. In the long vest every fashion looks elegant, feminine and stylish. However, buying such a device, you should know what to wear long cardigan.

If your choice fell on a long cardigan according to ezinesports, so you can update your wardrobe Demi-season. These jackets are perfect for a stroll in the cool evening and morning commute. Most of these models is fully in line with nice dresses office stringent skirts and white shirts and shorts. Footwear better to stay on high heels or boots on a flat course. Tweak the image of elegant ornaments and massive straps. Broad bracelets best decorate your hand. After all these jackets are often long sleeve, so thin invisible jewelry just lost the general background.
Recently gaining popularity net long vests. This style is more decorative in nature, so it is best suited for warm autumn evenings or enjoy theater. Similar jackets look good on waisted pants or pleated dress. While mesh vest models added to the image of tenderness and romance, it is best to wear under your heel.

What to Wear Long Cardigan with a Hood?

For late autumn delight fans of the long jumper with a hood model. This style will focus not only on your sense of style but warm in cold weather. The most practical combination with such stylish cardigan will be jeans. However, skirt and fashionable boots will look very nice. The main thing – do not wear under a long jacket with hood cap. It would be superfluous in the image.