Where Do You Have Your Winter Zipper?

With both revive the punk and grunge fashion any detail of this style also returned to the Cabinet. The zips they are crucial for both fashions, especially the first. Punk and their leather jackets, the thousand zips that you leave the jackets perfect for the bikers. They come to the dresses and they are cool.

Last summer we saw an advance with zippers on all sides and this Christmas there will be more variety.

Zara zippers

  • A dress betting by the top fashion to look only navel that triangular shape. For 69.95 euros. Front and rear zippers.
  • Four zippers in the absence of a single in a short dress in black and with long sleeves. For 59.95 euros.
  • The pictures are also cut by zippers as this dress at the waist. For 59.95 euros.

ASOS and its modern zippers

  • The punk touch gold and black does not fail in the short dresses. 60.82 euros.
  • Cut wide, straight and with French manga with a few pockets with zippers. 60.82 euros.
  • More modern and sporty style reconverts the typical Huntress in a short dress. Contrast of colors with the napped Orange and black sleeves. By 64,69 euros.