White Shoes Are Not Just for The Summer

A few days ago, my colleague Jorge was talking about you white bags and skipping the standards and use this add-on in winter instead of summer to when, it is assumed, is intended. The same goes with white shoes, a boom last summer and that surely some have picking up dust in the closet. Here’s some examples so you can see that the white shoes aren’t just for summer.

Truth is that its appearance is more scarce than in summer, but some celebrities are reluctant to let them and bet on them also on red carpets in winter. Some of them are Jennifer Lopez, Emmy Rossum and Diane Kruger.

And the bloggers? Those which in the majority of cases are the perfect definition of “trend victim”? There are some as Pandora Sykes that do not consider shoes white thing of a single season and they dare to take out them to the street on cold days.

I know that many of you are not in favor of this trend, but for that caísteis in it, here’s a reason to continue using them from the posts we write in summer on shoes white.