Womens Custom Sports Shirts

Womens Custom Sports Shirts

Short-sleeved sport shirts are a must for athletic women. Here we answer frequently asked questions.


What is the advantage of a feature in sports shirts?

A plain cotton shirt sucks at sports sweat though, but not transported him to the outside. The result is that moisture remains on the skin, a chill threatens. Functional shirts for sports, however, have a distinct advantage over the normal T-shirts: take the sweat on not only, but give it off to the outside world. The body remains dry and warm, the muscles will not catch cold. Functional shirts also are breathable, cool in summer, warm in winter and dry quickly.

What material are functional shirts?

Shirts feature for optimum moisture are made of polyamide, polypropylene or Polysterfasern. Sometimes viscose or cotton blended. Thus, the function shirt dries quickly and the sweat at bay, the proportion of polyester fibers should predominate.


When you wear short-sleeved shirts in sports?

Short-sleeved sports shirt you can wear for indoor sports, in sports programs and in the gym. Whether the Zumba class or for Pilates – a short-sleeved sports shirt you are right in any indoor activity. When running or walking and cycling outdoors short sleeve sports shirts are especially on warm days are used. They also have good wear under a light sport jacket in the transitional period in spring and autumn, when you want to put a layer during your outdoor activity.


What you wear under a short-sleeved sports shirt?

Under a sports shirt you do not need more underwear, because the fabric of the shirt already regulates the heat and moisture balance. In any case, we recommend a well-fitting sports bra or a sports top. These are divided into three different levels depending on the type and level depending on the activity and the associated supporting effect.

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How to wash a functional shirt?

Sports shirts from functional materials should be washed normally not hotter than 40 degrees in order to protect the fibers. Normal cleaning is sufficient, since the pollution in sportswear consists mainly of the welding captured. A normal detergent dissolves the salt crystals from the wonderful clothes. Functional shirts have the advantage that they dry quickly – so you can wash the shirt directly after exercise and pick up again the next day.


Further information:

Brands: Adidas, Buffalo, Converse, H.I.S, Kangaroos, Nike, Kappa, Puma, Reebok, Trigema and many others.

Style: polo shirts, crew neck, V-neck, with pockets, with buttons, with print, ruched, with hood.


Fashionable ladies short-sleeved sports shirt

Shortsleeve ladies sports shirts are also available with modern technical fabrics. Special fibers absorb moisture like sweat very well on and transport them away from the skin to the outside. These so-called intelligent sports shirts are especially suited for sports such as jogging, aerobics or power sports. With functional shirts ladies are dressed to fit in the gym. Figure flattering cuts and materials with a high stretch stress the figure, surprisingly feminine and stylish. Do not make any compromises in your sports shirt. Fit, function and stylish fit with an attractive design are benefits that you can ask your sports shirt with short sleeves.