4 Reasons to Visit Iran

By | May 9, 2022
  1. Antisex

In the country, at the state level, religious moral norms are fixed, which, in fact, should have been characteristic of us Christians. After all, both Islam and Christianity have the same roots – both “Abrahamic religions”, based on the ideas of similar eternal values, where “fornication” and “adultery” are mortal sins.

Thus, close relationships between men and women in this country are allowed only in marriage. It is for this reason that in order to avoid unnecessary temptation, because many local residents look very attractive, a “dress code” is legally fixed in this country. Men must wear long pants (shorts are not allowed) and shirts, at least to the elbow. Well, the fair sex wears a hijab. Although, cosmetics girls are allowed. And, interestingly, now plastic surgery is in vogue here. See Countryvv for labor market in Iran.

Iranian correctness in relations between the sexes is visible everywhere here. For example, entering the subway or the bus, you will find that women and men ride separately here. So that, God forbid, strangers to each other people do not touch each other in a crush, which is clearly wrong.

And, I must say, this is a plus for lovely Persian ladies. After all, there are much more men in this country in public transport, and when they huddle and push, the women’s section is very spacious.

  1. Theocracy.

Once upon a time, Iran was infected with Western democracy, and its society was quite similar to the European one, or rather to the neighboring Turkish one. But, in 1979, an Islamic revolution took place in the country under the leadership of Imam Khomeini.

He became the leader of Iran, and the form of government was adopted – one of the rarest in today’s world, theocracy. That is, elections are taking place here. Let’s say the president is elected. However, he carries out representative functions and manages the government, while all three branches of power in the country are under the control of the Supreme Leader, the Imam.

  1. Shopping.

The words “shopping in Iran” are strongly associated with the city of Isfahan. Once here, be careful, of course… but the worst thing that can happen to you is a back injury under the weight of various carpets, hookahs and other sweets. It is safe for the wallet – the prices are unique, in the same proportions as with gasoline above. Important note. The country does not work with international payment systems ‘VISA/MC’, so it makes sense to stock up on cash dollars and euros, which are not a problem to exchange here.

So. What is pleasant and tasty to buy in Persian cities?

Carpets and hookahs – this is clear. Carpets to this day in this country are created with traditional national floral geometric ornaments, made in eye-pleasing colors. Although, some carpets and tapestries are just like exquisite paintings. Well, the Iranian hookah is not Indian-Iranian consumer goods for you. Quality, elegance.

Persian lands have been famous for traditional silver jewelry since ancient times. Handmade tablecloths, which are made in the old fashioned way, are also amazing. Just chic in your home will look jugs, plates, saucers, which, like half a thousand years ago, are still fired and painstakingly painted with enamel patterns according to the ancient Persian technique “mina”.
In terms of sweets, the Persians in this world have achieved more significant achievements than the same Swiss with their chocolate, the Scots with whiskey, or the Japanese with sushi. Here you have a special sweet flour variety of halva with pistachios or almonds called “gaz”, and natural “nougat” made from nuts, eggs and honey, and “sukhan”, malt sweets. You can list for a long time. But, importantly, you can take all this with you and surprise your loved ones!

  1. Nature.

Following frequent stereotypes, Iran seems to someone to be a desert and arid country. Let’s destroy this opinion. It is simply difficult to imagine more diverse lands in terms of nature. The dune and red desert in this state contrasts with the Qeshm Island of the Persian Gulf and its magical mangrove forests and marine national park. In the Iranian province of East Azerbaijan, you will be surprised by the green-red-yellow mountains that look like they were transferred to our world from somewhere else on the planet, or from the paintings of Vincent van Gogh or Edvard Munch. The Bishe waterfall flowing with cool streams, the Tange Chakhu gorge, carved by the best sculptors of the Earth, wind and water – this is also all of Iran.

Well, lovers of the underworld will obviously like the giant Ali Sandr cave near the city of Hamadan, which is over 150 million years old… This is a water cave, where it is especially pleasant to ride along its galleries on a boat, contemplating the bizarre multi-million-year-old staloctites and stalognites on the sides. And if you are a fan of skiing and other winter sports, then you will certainly be interested in the best mountain resort in the country, Dizin, the best time to visit for which is from December to April. Dry snow, bright sun and fantastic elevation changes! Many athletes consider this place to be the best in the world in terms of price and quality! In a word, lovers of the multifaceted beautiful nature in Iran – expanse. And amateur photographers especially appreciate the local landscapes-pictures.

4 Reasons to Visit Iran