5 Must for Tourists in Belgrade

By | May 13, 2021

As a tourist in Serbia who has chosen Belgrade as one of your destinations, there will be things that you simply must not miss. Now we know that all people who go out and travel have different perceptions of what they want to do on their travels. What the tourist will do in beautiful and inviting Belgrade will of course also depend on personal interests. Here we have therefore taken up five must-sees for tourists in Belgrade. It may be that only two of these fit you, but you have at least received some guidance on what is most popular to visit in the big city of Belgrade.

Republic Square

Here you have Belgrade’s most famous and famous squares. This can be compared to Trafalgar in London, but now you are in Belgrade. At this place you will also always find a means of transport, as it is a hub for all the different transport in Belgrade. Of course, this is a square, so you will always be the one who finds a large number of market traders with interesting products.

Nikola Tesla Museum ::

If there is one person who is famous in Belgrade, it is the electrical engineer Nikola Tesla. This museum shows all his works as well as all that this very talented man documented and gave as knowledge to the whole of Belgrade and the rest of the world.

Belgrade Fort

This is the absolute largest you can visit of all the different sights you will find in Belgrade. This fort was built 535 years before Christ. The task of the fort during its active time was to protect the city from attack via the two rivers Sava and Danube. Due to this, the strategic location of the fort where the two rivers meet has also been made.

Kalemegdan Park

This fantastic oasis of nature and well-kept surroundings is a place for both tourists and the city’s inhabitants. Everyone comes here to see the combination of old architecture and beautiful surroundings. In this park you will also find a lookout point that makes it possible to look out over the two rivers that flow into Belgrade. In addition to this, you who are interested in animals will also find a very lovely zoo with many different animals to view. Quite simply, this oasis in Belgrade will be a fantastic excursion destination that can take a whole day to explore.

Church of Saint Sava

Here you will clearly understand that this church has been named after a saint who is said to be watching over the great and important river Sava. This building was built in 1595, and has since grown to become one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world. The building itself is Byzantine-inspired and has a 70-meter-high spherical roof. Visiting this place is really something big. Here you do not have to be religious to appreciate all the fine decorations and the elegant building technique.

More to see in Belgrade

With these five different things to discover in Belgrade, you will be left to find everything else on your own. There will be lots of things we have not told you about, but there will be some surprises on your trip. For example, try a good restaurant with great food, or why not take a walk in the evening and discover Belgrade’s nightlife.

5 Must for Tourists in Belgrade