5 Reasons Why You Can Not Miss Minerva Fashion This Year

If Yes, I thing, a student and already tired of that “remember” that you should attend voluntarily and mandatorily to the Minerva, but on this occasion I have the task of explaining in brief 5 because attend this tapatia fashion week can be very useful for you.

5 Reasons Why You Can Not Miss Minerva Fashion This Year

1.-The Conferences, did you already see the program? On this occasion themes are very grounded to the current problems of the Mexican fashion industry, can give you a picture of what awaits you when you leave the school. Conferences that definitely can not miss are:

  • Creation of brands – David Millan
  • Types of fashion buyers – Mario Mendez
  • Virtual shopping for real clients (workshop) – Arturo Rodriguez
  • Study of buyers of fashion 2015 – Carlos Salcedo
  • Support the fashion industry abroad – PROMEXICO

The topics are indeed very interesting for entrepreneurs, students and those who are already engaged in the marketing of fashion, personally the PROMEXICO Conference and the workshop of Arturo Rodriguez are two events that I have more than scheduled.

2-Gateways With Designers -know what makes Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors in the week of the fashion of New York through social networks this father, but attend to see what the national market of local designers generating can be much more illustrativo, this is called generate criteria, would as you can suggest if you don’t know what is are proposing at this time?

3-Interaction- Yes, indeed, if there is a world more than the four walls of your school and your home, meet people, interact, learn different points of view, this is part of the “General culture” that you must nurture every day in order to create a proposal with real value in the long run and if it’s become more your industry this is vital Thus is known, talk interacts and enough stay in small groups of 3 or 4 people at a corner COMPLAINING of all, know!

4-Brands – Already mentioned you the important thing that might know what local designers are doing, now knows what the marks as such are generating, opens his eyes, sees more, not only is cut and sew, it’s create an experience, that experience will create your brand, would that experience are creating brands that you will see in Minerva Fashion in this edition?
5.-Criteria. Already, enough of talk by talking, if you want to say, know, experience and live, don’t repeat only what others say, generates your own criteria, your own point of view about what in truth is and for what serves Minerva Fashion, and in general any event or project in the fashion industry, there is no better way to be part of this integrandote the conversation of intelligent and educated manner that you know, learn, experience.

I hope these points do you reflect a little so that really help you make the most this event to which some only dignan to go, when in reality there are many who do everything to assist from distant places! Think about it you have here a niche talent of fashion that is growing and these missing, don’t let this continue, aduenate of your own event, this is your fashion week!