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Computers & IT Articles & Reports

Computer Weekly - Is Your Job Title on the Money?
Read about the interchangeability of job titles in the IT industry, the employment opportunities available and skills most in demand.

Computer Weekly - Standing Out in the Skills Crowd
August 2000 FindArticles report lists most valuable skills on IT job market. Find popularity of Web-based skills and object oriented programming

Computer Weekly - The E-Brain Drain
Read about the migration of IT professionals from Europe to the West Coast of the U.S. Discusses salaries and opportunities as well as stats.

Computing Canada - Consulting Firm Can't Hire Workers
Discusses how the IT sector has grown and the challenge facing international consulting firms to keep pace in business opportunities.

Computing Canada - IT Pros Are More Than Just Techy
Discusses organizations' search for professionals who combine leadership skills with an in-depth understanding of technology.

Computing Canada - Lament for the Rough Life
Review an IT professional's account of what technical staff put up with in most corporations' computing infrastructure.

Computing Canada - News Good If You're Looking to Move
Explores the demand for IT employees in 1998 and the increase in salaries for those specialized skills areas.

Computing Canada - Prof. Designation Breaking Ground
Brief summary of how IT certification is expanding to include broader skill sets, boosting IT professionals' image in the industry.

Computing Canada - Professionalism in IT
Argues that professional designation in the IT world protects consumers of the industry's products and services.

Computing Canada - Staffing Firms: Matchmakers
Find an article describing the various options IS job seekers have and how staffing agencies contribute to the job hunt.

Computing Canada - The Tricky Issue of Licensing
Consider a software engineering teacher's views on the concept of issuing licenses to software professionals.

Computing Canada - Time to Graduate IT Industry
Explains how an ISP designation for IT professionals can bring more trust and accountability into the high-tech industry.

Industry Standard, The - Ask Dr. Dana
Question-and-answer article offers suggestions for human resources directors interested in scooping up recent layoff victims.

Industry Standard, The - No Rest for Weary Recruiter
Learn about an average day in the life of an executive recruiter for the Internet industry. From the August 7, 2000 issue.

Machine Design - Engineering an Online Job Search
Features a guide to using the Internet in job search and provides a list of job sites specializing in engineer positions.

News Center - VeriSign
Read press releases and news articles concerning computers, IT, and Internet technology. Sells Web products such as wireless and cable modem services.
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