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Job Interviewing Advice & Guides

4TechExec Resume Writing
Technical executives can get a free resume-writing critique when on the job hunt. Schedule a phone interview for full-service resume improvement.

Ask the Interview Coach
Learn about the SIR principle of job interviewing from Ken Sproul. Contact him and receive same-day email advice and mock-interview sessions.

Behavioral Interviewing - Virginia Tech
Learn about behavioral interviewing, view samples of questions and learn how to respond.

Boston College - Interviews
Discusses the two types of job interviews, lists typical questions interviewers ask and presents a checklist.

Four Ways to Read a Company
Learn how to be the interviewer with these company researching tips for job seekers.

Graduate.com.au - Interview
Check out the basic interview techniques, read a list of negative factors which lead to rejection, and find 50 questions to ask employers.

Guide to Getting Hired
Career Builder offers articles, advice and a Q&A on searching for a job, writing resumes and cover letters, and succeeding in interviews.

Hispanic Times - How First Impressions Can Land the Job
Offers a job interview guide. Access tips on demonstrating a professional attitude and appearance as well as conveying competence and motivation.

How to Lose a Job Before You're Even Interviewed
Medical Economics profiles the eight most common mistakes doctors make when job-hunting.

Interview with a Headhunter
Hunt like a headhunter after reading this article that offers advice and details on how to land a job.

Companies can seek help with recruiting and individuals can register for help with job hunting. Get test statistics or take a sample test.

Job Interview Network
Job interview resources including hundreds of sample questions, answer strategies, and offers mock interviews.

Job Interviews - Los Angeles Times
Learn about different types of job interviews, follow the steps to making a good impression and read about illegal questions.


Company provides employment reference checking services that allow job seekers to know what kinds of references previous employers may give.

LA Business Journal - Interview Do's and Don'ts
Interview guide focuses on good grooming and attire, researching about the company and arriving early.

LearnFree.com - Getting a Job, Ace your Job Interview
Provides tips on how to succeed in a job interview, includes free instructional video clips. Learn how to answer tough questions.

LJL Seminars - Monthly Speaking Tips
Lenny Laskowski offers steps in reducing speech anxiety, dealing with a hostile audience, using gestures and visual aids, and handling questions.

Med. Econ. - How Doctors Botch Employment Interviews
President of a physician search firms describes some of the common blunders doctors make and suggests strategies for successful interviewing.

Nursing Library - Interviewing Is a Two-way Street
Provides several tips on preparing for an interview, conducting oneself on interview day and following up.

On-site Interviews - Virginia Tech
Differentiates on-campus from on-site interviews, provides a typical interview format and gives preparation tips.

PR Newswire - Tales From the Interview Chair
Job applicants share unforgettable and sometimes funny interviews. Learn from their experiences.

School to Career Consortium - Interviewing Skills
Lists the skills employers look for, provides sample interview questions and concludes with the "best advice."
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