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Job Description Telephone Operator

The telephone operator is used in a wide range of tasks: from customer acquisition and advice to arranging calls and arranging appointments. Some employers or clients give the operator the opportunity to work from home (home office).

Part of the job and typical duties of a telephone operator

The work of the telephone operator can be quite different. While some (new) customers are actively calling – for example to arrange an appointment with a consultant – the next one takes calls or transfers them. In part, the daily work is characterized by the individual support of the customer and the advice on service, services as well as the processing of complaints. This can be followed by additional advice on other products. His area of ​​responsibility also often includes documenting the discussions in the appropriate EDP system.

As diverse as the possible tasks in this profession are, the requirements for applicants as a telephone operator are just as varied. While some employers would like to have completed vocational training, others even write "not relevant" in the "desired professional qualifications" section. A telephone operator should certainly have at least a pleasant voice, strong communication skills and good knowledge of German. People who enjoy dealing with customers and who find it easy to radiate sympathy and competence over the phone are particularly suitable as telephone operators. All other qualifications - from foreign language skills to specialist knowledge to sales talent - then depend on the job offered.

Job Description Sales Assistant

The sales assistant can be found in all sectors, including industry, trade and crafts, but also in the service sector. Within a company or organization, he is placed alongside a sales manager and supports him in planning and controlling sales processes. In many cases, he acts as an intermediary between customers and management.

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